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Ogamify vs. Tribeware: Which gamification platform you should choose?

Ogamify vs Tribeware

Gamification has become a popular strategy for engaging customers and employees alike. By adding game mechanics to non-game contexts, such as learning or productivity apps, gamification aims to motivate users and enhance their experience.

However, with so many gamification platforms available, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging. In this article, we’ll compare two similar gamification platforms, Ogamify and Tribeware, and help you decide which is best for your needs.

What is Ogamify & Tribeware?


Ogamify main view

Ogamify is a flexible gamification platform designed to meet your company’s specific needs. It’s a product developed by TDSOFT, a software company specialising in creating digital solutions. By utilizing Ogamify, you can effectively enhance employee engagement and motivation levels, ultimately cultivating a unique company culture based on growth and self-improvement.

This platform boasts various game-based functionalities designed to incentivize and encourage your team to achieve specific goals, such as a leaderboard, tasks, challenges, value feed or store. Ogamify empowers you to foster personal and professional growth among your team members while simultaneously cultivating a company culture centred on this shared goal.


Tribeware main view screeshot - one2tribe

Tribeware is a gamification platform that strongly focuses on goal-setting and work efficiency. It is a product made by company one2tribe, experts in the field of motivation and modelling behaviour. While Ogamify aims to enhance company culture and team integration through its game-based functionalities, Tribeware is more concentrated on providing specific goals and objectives that align with the everyday work of its users; it focuses on making everyday work more effective no matter what kind of work your company is trying to improve.

The platform is designed to help businesses increase work efficiency by providing users with various tools and features that incentivize them to achieve specific goals. Through its gamification elements and approach, Tribeware encourages users to focus on the tasks and motivates them to complete their work to the best of their abilities.

Unlike Ogamify’s emphasis on self-improvement, Tribeware’s main objective is to improve work processes and increase productivity. Through its gamification techniques, the platform provides users with a clear understanding of their goals and encourages them to work towards achieving them.

Ogamify & Tribeware Functionalities

Ogamify main menu

Ogamify and Tribeware are two gamification platforms that use game-like features to motivate employees, boost engagement, and encourage growth. These platforms have several similar functionalities even though they are using them differently.

They have in common that users can earn rewards by completing tasks. They can then use these rewards to buy things from the store or reward tab. This system gives employees a sense of accomplishment and makes them want to do more. It’s like a game where you earn points or prizes for achieving goals.

Both platforms also use leaderboards or rankings to create friendly competition among users. These leaderboards show how well people are doing compared to others. This motivates employees to work harder and try to outperform their colleagues. It adds an exciting element of challenge to the workplace.

Furthermore, Ogamify and Tribeware have educational aspects built into them. They provide opportunities for users to learn and develop new skills.


Ogamify leaderbord

Ogamify leaderboard

Ogamify is a gamification platform that offers an exciting feature called the leaderboard. When you open the app, the leaderboard is your main view. In Ogamify, the leaderboard is reset monthly, giving users a fresh chance to climb higher rankings. This monthly reset creates a fair playing field for everyone, regardless of their previous performance. It encourages friendly competition and motivates users to improve and aim for the top spots on the leaderboard. The leaderboard in Ogamify is always changing, fostering a spirit of healthy rivalry and pushing users to reach their full potential.

By implementing this monthly feature, companies can celebrate their monthly winners and provide extra motivation and rewards to those who excel. This culture of celebration inspires and strengthens communication among team members. By recognizing outstanding performances each month, organizations create an environment encouraging positive interactions and open dialogue. This culture of celebration acknowledges individual achievements and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and teamwork. It builds a sense of camaraderie where team members feel valued and motivated to support each other in their collective pursuit of success. By acknowledging and applauding monthly winners, companies create a positive atmosphere that promotes communication and collaboration, ultimately driving overall growth and success for the team.

Tribeware ranking

Tribeware ranking - one2tribe

Tribeware also has a ranking feature, which works similarly to the one in the Ogamify app. But the great thing is, it’s designed to meet the needs of bigger companies.

With Tribeware, you can divide your employees into teams and create friendly competition within smaller groups. This makes the ranking system more engaging and fun because employees get to play and compete with people they know. It adds an extra level of excitement and makes Tribeware a lot more enjoyable.


Tribeware communication feature

Tribeware messages - one2tribe

The two systems allow users to interact with each other, but how they achieve this is completely different. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages that distinguish it from the other.

For instance, Tribeware has a special message section that lets users talk to each other within the gamification software. It’s like a social portal closely connected to the system’s main goal. This feature has a few functions. Team leaders can share news and motivational messages with the whole team, and users can interact with them. You can also create communication groups to bring your company’s teams together. When users receive messages, it motivates them to read and understand the content, making them more engaged with the system.

Ogamify communication feature

Ogamify chat integration example

On the other hand, Ogamify offers a tool that can be incorporated into existing internal communication systems such as Slack, Teams, or any other platform that users may already be familiar with. The primary goal of this tool is to integrate chat and make it easier for users to incorporate the habit of using gamification tools within their teams.

Unlike Tribeware, Ogamify is not focused on sending personalized messages. Instead, it informs users about the achievements of other participants in the system. For example, it may notify users when someone has completed a task or received a reward. This aims to motivate the community to participate more actively in gamification software. So this functionality is mostly not about just communication. It aims to feature active participants and give them the social prize of being singled out.


Ogamify Store

Ogamify store

The Ogamify Store is a hub where players can exchange their hard-earned virtual “coins” for an enticing array of rewards. In Ogamify, this functionality is not mandatory but an optional component that allows you to tailor the rewards to your liking. The possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding what types of rewards to offer in this store. You can choose between virtual treasures, tangible goodies, or exclusive perks exclusively available within your organization.

These enticing rewards can be obtained within the store using a unique currency called “coins.” These coins serve as the medium of exchange, and players can acquire them by accumulating points, which are earned by successfully completing various tasks and challenges.

It’s important to highlight that Ogamify provides users with two distinct categories of rewards: individual rewards and group rewards. With individual rewards, users can enjoy personal benefits and achievements. On the other hand, group rewards foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration, as the costs of these rewards can be shared among multiple individuals. Participants can win something valuable to enhance the office environment and create a positive atmosphere by pooling their resources.

Tribeware Store

Tribeware store - one2tribe

The Store feature in Tribeware software is packed with exciting opportunities for users. It offers a vast catalogue of over 10,000 unique prizes, giving users an unmatched selection. Its efficient organisation makes it stand out from other systems, eliminating the need for users to spend time arranging their desired rewards. While this convenience makes the process easier, it limits the ability to personalize rewards based on individual preferences.

However, it’s important to highlight that the assortment primarily includes valuable money-based incentives and tangible items like cutting-edge gear and essential supplies. This diverse range ensures users have appealing options to fulfil their needs and desires.

Additional Functionality – Educational aspect

Ogamify Value feed


Value Feed is a remarkable feature within Ogamify that empowers you to construct an app-based knowledge repository for your company. It inspires users to jot down insightful notes from books, video courses, and more, fostering a vibrant knowledge-sharing environment within the gamified app.

By incorporating specific tasks linked to the Value Feed, you can effectively increase employee engagement and motivation to contribute their own valuable insights and indulge in the wisdom shared by others within the organization.

Tribeware education - onet2tribe

Within the Tribeware application framework, you can provide your employees context-related gamification in learning, offering comprehensive training tailored to their specific roles and responsibilities. This groundbreaking system enables the seamless integration of contextual training into their work routine.

Tribeware education - one2tribe

Picture a situation where the app recognizes an employee struggling with a specific task. Tribeware quickly identifies the knowledge gap and provides a focused tutorial to tackle such cases’ challenges. This training is tailored to the specific context, ensuring employees get the right guidance at the right time. It boosts their professional growth and improves their productivity. This gamified approach to learning and skill improvement creates a feedback loop, empowering employees to enhance their abilities and succeed in their organisational roles continuously.


When comparing Ogamify and Tribeware, it’s clear that Ogamify excels in personalization, while Tribeware is better suited for larger corporations with a hierarchical structure. Ogamify is highly customizable, allowing for tailored rewards, tasks, and challenges to create a more individualized experience. On the other hand, Tribeware is a straightforward platform to implement and manage in larger companies, offering an ROI performance management system to track the impact of gamification campaigns on employee engagement.

Thanks to its advanced personalisation features, Ogamify is ideal for smaller companies that want to foster teamwork and integration. Tribeware, conversely, provides a streamlined and manageable solution, particularly beneficial for larger corporations aiming to implement gamification elements and strategies and measure their return on investment.


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