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How to Improve Your Knowledge and Earn Points with Ogamify’s Value Feed?

Value feed, Value bit

Ogamify, like other gamification systems, boasts a range of functionalities that harness the power of game mechanics to motivate users towards desired behaviours and actions. Among these functionalities is the innovative Value Feed, a key component of the Ogamify platform.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the benefits and functionalities of the Value Feed feature, exploring how it can drive engagement, enhance user motivation, and ultimately deliver tangible results. What are Value Feed and Value Bits?

Value Feed

Value Feed screenshot

As previously mentioned, the Value Feed represents a cornerstone of the dynamic Ogamify platform, seamlessly integrated into the main navigation bar alongside other essential features such as Leaderboard, Tasks, Challenges, and Store. This functionality is an invaluable resource for teams and organizations seeking to streamline knowledge sharing and foster collaboration across all levels of their operations.

Think of the Value Feed as a virtual repository for all your team members’ valuable insights, ideas, and notes, presented in a user-friendly format that makes it easy to search, locate, and access information when needed. By leveraging this powerful tool, you can create a centralized knowledge base that empowers your team members to stay connected, informed, and engaged at all times.

Value Bit

single Value Bit

Value Bit is just one piece of information you could find on Value Feed. I will tell you more about its functionalities later.

How to use Ogamify’s Value Feed?

Value Feed in Main Bar

The process of using Value Feed

Value Feed tasks

When it comes to integrating a Value Feed with a gamification system, it’s essential to understand how the two work together. The idea behind the Value Feed is to encourage users to create small pieces of value by completing tasks and challenges. These tasks can be anything from taking notes on a book fragment to sharing a valuable lesson you’ve learned in your career.

To add a new piece of value to your feed, you only need to click on the particular task you want to complete. Once you’ve completed the task, you’ll earn points that are connected to that specific activity. The only difference between this and any other task is the window that pops up after you click “submit.” In this window, you’ll be asked to provide your notes, the title of your piece, any relevant tags, and a link if necessary.

By making it easy and rewarding to create and share value, gamification in learning system helps to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

posting Value Bit

Value Feed Tasks

description on Value Feed Tasks

Our system’s core lies in flexibility, allowing you to customize your task assignments and point allocation per your company’s needs. The entire system is designed to give you full control over your workforce’s productivity, enabling you to create and assign tasks that are most valuable for your company’s growth and development.

By deciding which activities are most crucial from your company’s perspective, you can incentivize your employees to focus on those areas and award points accordingly. This approach ensures that your team is motivated to work towards specific goals, leading to increased efficiency and overall productivity.

Moreover, our system allows you to personalize the tasks and their descriptions based on the current requirements of your organization. You can tweak the tasks based on the skillsets and strengths of your employees, ensuring that they’re playing to their strengths while learning and growing at the same time.

The ability to change and personalize tasks also means that you can adjust them based on the feedback received from your team, making the process of goal-setting and performance assessment more collaborative and effective.

Value Feed – chat integration

Value Feed Chat integration

Apart from its functionalities, you have the option to integrate chat system of your organization with Value Feed to enhance its usefulness for your team. This integration can prove particularly advantageous during the initial stages of Value Feed adoption, as it facilitates your team’s understanding of the platform.

Value Bit – funcionalities

Value Bit Functionalites

One of the ways to further enhance the gamification aspect of the Value Feed system is by enabling users to assign specific points to other users’ Value Bits. This creates a more engaging and collaborative environment where team members can recognize and reward each other’s efforts and contributions.

Users can mark their favourite Value Bits and give them extra points based on their level of effort or overall value. This feedback mechanism encourages users to continue creating high-quality content and fosters a sense of healthy competition among team members.

To simplify navigating and managing this content, you can sort value bits by point value or category. This allows users to quickly find the most valuable or relevant posts and engage with them more meaningfully. These features add a new layer of interactivity and engagement to the Value Feed system, making it an even more powerful tool for boosting productivity and collaboration within your team.

Benefits of Value Feed and Value Bits

team work

Building a Company knowledge base

As previously mentioned, one of the most significant benefits of incorporating Value Feed into your company is the ability to create a centralized knowledge base. This is where your team can store all the valuable information they’ve gathered from various sources, such as courses they’ve taken and books they’ve read.

This centralized repository of knowledge can help streamline information sharing within your organization. Team members can easily access and learn from one another’s experiences, insights, and best practices, leading to greater collaboration and overall productivity. Additionally, the ability to quickly find the information they need can save valuable time and prevent duplication of effort.

Incentivise your team to write down their know-how

Value Feed can also serve as a platform for more experienced team members to share their expertise on various topics. While people can certainly ask them questions, having this information written down enables it to be shared with a wider audience all at once, and can always be referenced in the future if needed.

In fact, incentivizing team members to document and share their knowledge on Value Feed can create a culture of continuous learning and knowledge-sharing within your organization. This can lead to greater collaboration, better decision-making, and improved performance.

By taking the time to document and share their expertise, team members can help ensure that the knowledge they’ve gained through their experiences is passed on to others in the organization, leading to a more informed and empowered workforce.

Centralize your knowledge in one place

knowledge base

As I mentioned, storing your entire company’s knowledge in one centralized location can save your team a significant amount of time. With the functionality of sorting and searching for needed information, it becomes easier for team members to read and learn from this information without having to sift through numerous papers or online documents.

Not only does this make it more convenient for team members to access information, but it also ensures they access the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge available. By having a central knowledge base, team members can avoid relying on outdated or incomplete information, leading to mistakes and inefficiencies.


Value Feed is a crucial feature of the Ogamify platform, which encourages users to create small pieces of value by completing tasks and challenges, ultimately leading to an increased engagement level and productivity.

The Value Feed serves as a repository for valuable insights, ideas, and notes, promoting knowledge sharing and fostering collaboration across all levels of an organization. The ability to customize task assignments and point allocation helps organizations prioritize specific goals and incentivize employees to work towards them.

Moreover, the Value Feed’s chat integration feature, combined with the ability to assign specific points to other users’ value bits, creates a more engaging and collaborative environment, fostering healthy competition among team members. Overall, the Value Feed is an invaluable tool that can help organizations streamline knowledge sharing, incentivize employees, and drive tangible results.

What is Ogamify?

Ogamify is a gamification system that utilizes game mechanics to motivate users towards desired behaviours and actions.

What is the Value Feed feature?

The Value Feed is a key component of the Ogamify platform. It is a virtual repository for team members’ valuable insights, ideas, and notes, presented in a user-friendly format. It allows for easy searching, locating, and accessing of information.

How does the Value Feed drive engagement?

The Value Feed encourages users to create small pieces of value by completing tasks and challenges. It fosters a culture of continuous improvement and engagement by making it easy and rewarding to create and share value.

How can the Value Feed enhance user motivation?

The Value Feed integrates gamification elements such as earning points for completing tasks and challenges. This incentivizes users to participate and contribute, leading to increased motivation actively.

How do I use Ogamify’s Value Feed?

To use the Value Feed, you simply need to click on the task or challenge you want to complete. After completing the task, you earn points associated with that specific activity. A window will prompt you to provide your notes, title, tags, and any necessary links for the piece of value you created.


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