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Integrate the Gamespace With Your Team Chat


When considering the implementation of a gamification system in your organization, it is vital to ensure that the process is executed effectively. To ensure the successful adoption of this new system, it is imperative to make your team members feel comfortable with it and to instil the habit of using it. One way to achieve this is by integrating the system with your internal communication tools.

In this article, we will explore how Ogamify has effectively integrated gamification with internal communication and highlight the significance of communication during implementation of a new gamification system within your organization.

Improved team communication and collaboration

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Enhanced communication and collaboration within the team are indispensable factors in the triumph of any organization. When employees collaborate effectively, their collective achievements surpass what they could accomplish individually. It can lead to improved productivity, higher job satisfaction, and better outcomes for the company.

One of the most significant benefits of improved coordination is increased efficiency. When team members work together effectively, they can accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. This can free up time and resources for other important projects, leading to increased productivity for the company. Additionally, better communication allows team members to share ideas and feedback more easily, leading to more informed decision-making and better outcomes.

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Improved team collaboration also contributes to a more positive work environment. When team members communicate effectively and work well together, they are more likely to enjoy their work and feel valued by their colleagues. This can lead to higher job satisfaction and a lower turnover rate, saving the company money in the long run.

Furthermore, enhancing communication in the workplace can lead to better outcomes for the company. When employees work together effectively, they can quickly identify and resolve problems, leading to better customer satisfaction and more successful projects. In addition, better communication can help ensure that everyone is well-informed and aligned and working towards the same goals, leading to increased motivation and more successful outcomes for the company.

Integrating gamespace with team chat

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Single player benefits

Integrating the game space with the team communicator enables team members to stay informed about each other’s activities, making it easier to keep track of progress and stay up-to-date on project developments. The system serves as a gentle reminder to team members to log their progress, ensuring that everyone is informed.

This connection also serves as another motivator for team members to complete tasks as others will take note of their efforts towards self-growth. This further encourages healthy competition and teamwork, leading to more efficient and successful outcomes for the company.

Company and team benefits

When you decide to introduce gamification to your team as a company, it is really important to help them build habits and engagement around it, especially at the beginning. Your role at first is to make people interested in the brand new system and make them excited to use it.

It’s important while using gamification not to force anybody to use it (it won’t work well, the same as with games). So your goal is to make people choose to use game space. That’s the point where connecting chat with the system could be helpful. You could provide all rather stuff like leaderboards, store, and value feed, but when people don’t feel excited to use it is all for nothing

How does Ogamify integrate chat?

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Ogamify is a productivity tool specifically crafted to elevate team performance and cohesion. Ogamify effectively motivates individuals to strive towards the organization’s objectives by leveraging its game space and mechanics.

It’s possible to connect it with your company’s internal communicator. You could choose whatever system you prefer to integrate, for example, Mattermost, Slack, Teams, Hangouts, etc. We suggest preparing a specific channel for those purposes, and automatic notification will be sent to all team members interested in that topic. How those pieces of information look like?

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When someone finishes their challenge, publishes notes on the value feed or just finished a task of their choice, everyone will be notified about that. People can also leave reactions under such a message, to supper each other. This can create healthy competition and make your team members aware that others are also playing and growing to achieve common goals, which can increase motivation towards that objectives.


The integration of gamification with internal communication tools can significantly enhance team collaboration and communication. Efficient communication plays a pivotal role in the triumph of every organization, and enhancing internal communication can result in heightened efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction. Integrating gamification with team chat can help build engagement and motivate team members to achieve organizational goals.

Ogamify is an excellent productivity tool that can help organizations achieve these benefits by integrating its game space and mechanics with the organization’s internal communicator. With this integration, team members can stay up-to-date with each other’s activities and provide faster reactions, leading to better outcomes for the company.


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