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Motivate people to acquire new skills

Unleash the Potential of Team Integration through Gamification

Where team self-improvement meets company success

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Office Renaissance

Elevate productivity with innovative tasks and collaboration-friendly interface



Thrilling challenges and eerie surprises await



Infuse holiday cheer into teamwork



Hunt for success with egg-themed challenges


Classic Game Space

Relive the golden age of gaming for team fun


Custom Event Space

Customize tasks and interface for unique events

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Elevate your team's motivation and engagement with a themed event space.

Your Journey to Office Gamification Success

Unleash motivation, integration, and engagement using our gamification tool. Follow these universal steps, create a winning workplace experience.

Step 1

Design Your Gamification Adventure

πŸ‘‘ As the "Game Master," you'll craft your gaming realm, setting goals, and creating tasks that align with your chosen event space – be it Christmas, Halloween, or any other. πŸ“βœ¨

Step 2

Rally Your Team πŸ“£πŸ‘₯

πŸ“œ Invite your fellow adventurers (team members) to embark on this epic quest by sharing the game. πŸ’Œβœ¨

Step 3

Embrace the Learning Journey

🧐 Your team will venture into the unknown, embracing new tools and, yes, occasionally stumbling on a dragon (mistake or challenge), but with each victory, their satisfaction and skills will grow. πŸ‰πŸ˜„

Step 4

Light the Friendly Competition

🏰 Team members will become strategic wizards, competing, tackling group quests, and crafting a united strategy to conquer the game. πŸ€Όβ™‚οΈπŸŒŸ

Step 5

Spend Your Treasures

πŸŽ‰ As your team amasses in-game treasures (coins), they'll strategize how to use them – perhaps hosting grand feasts, investing in skill-enhancing courses, or acquiring office additions, depending on your allowed rewards. πŸ’ΌπŸ•πŸ“š

Step 6

Evoke the Motivation Magic

πŸŽ† The "Submit" button becomes a magic wand, releasing a burst of motivation-boosting enchantment each time it's clicked. Your team's involvement and motivation level will soar! πŸͺ„πŸŽ‰


Using this office gamification tool has truly been a game-changer. It's transformed our workspace, turning it into more than just a place to workβ€”it's become a second family. The wide variety of events it offers has significantly strengthened team bonds, increasing our involvement in crucial company matters like office space optimization and innovation. This versatile tool is the solution to cultivating a vibrant work culture, enhancing productivity, and cementing team relationships. For anyone looking to create a thriving, closely-knit, and innovative work environment, this tool is the answer.


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Gamification Book – β€œReal-life Gamification” for free!

"Real-life Gamification" by consultant Dariusz TarczyΕ„ski explores gamification's applications in education, healthcare, marketing, and the workplace. Learn about game mechanics, design, and psychology for real-world motivation and behavior change.

Space Pricing

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Affordable entry level

Best For: Small teams looking to start their gamification journey

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This includes:
Access for up to 15 players
Standart onboarding support

Perfect for growing teams

Best For: Expanding teams seeking enhanced customization and support

Most popular
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This includes:
Access for up to 50 players per space
Comprehensive onboarding and assistance

Top-tier package for big impacts

Best For: Large teams or organizations ready to maximize motivation and engagement

per player (monthly)
Start Gamification
This includes:
Access for 50+ players per space
Extensive onboarding and training
Free special events to kickstart your journey.

Lite Plan

Access to a curated selection of computer predictions - the perfect start in the world of sports analytics.

per palyer (mounthly)
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This includes:
Up to 15 players per space

Standard Plan

Access to an extended range of computer predictions enriched with valuable and precise insights.

per palyer (mounthly)
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This includes:
Up to 25 soccer predictions with insights per day
Adotional onboarding

PRO Plan

Access to an extended range of computer predictions enriched with valuable and precise insights.

per palyer (mounthly)
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This includes:
All available soccer predictions with extensive insights and forecasts

Gamification FAQ

Unlock Answers to Your Questions and Boost Your Office Experience.

Is it necessary to have any kind of budget to run the game?

No, the game is designed in such a way that it runs well without the store, which can be turned off. Obviously, rewards are fun and motivating in and out of themselves, so if one wants to boost the activity and give an additional push, the possibility of buying a book or two after a month of intense gameplay might be a boost, but it is not necessary. Your gamespace would be set up with the store being turned off, and you can turn it on anytime you like (or not do it at all).

In the article I saw diamonds, and I don't see them on the demo version. Why?

The demo version is set up for the monthly competitions + store config. The diamond leaderboards are in their beta version, and needs to be turned on in settings, which you can do once you create your own gamespace.

How much control do I have over the gamespace?

You can change everything - tasks, challenges, rewards, leaderboards, it is all definable in the admin panel.

Do I have to come up with tasks and challenges for my team?

No, they are all prepared for you and ready to go. You can change the if you want and customize the app for your needs, but it is not necessary.

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