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Focus on bigger issues, while your team is self-improving

Tasks & Challenges

Earn points by completing tasks and challenges
Earn points by completing tasks and challenges

Value Feed

Appreciate and be appreciated by sharing knowledge on the value feed
Appreciate and be appreciated by sharing knowledge on the value feed


Materialize your effort

Materialize your effort


Take part in a fun competition and be a monthly winner
Take part in a fun competition and be a monthly winner

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Areas you can gamify

Motivate your team to do anything that you want

Indistractable focus

Promote working without distractions for at least 2hrs every day.

Knowledge sharing

Promote acquiring new skills and sharing knowledge in an automatically created knowledge base.


Reading books, watching courses, meditating, doing sports, practicing gratitude and so much more....

Team integration

Facilitate growth related discussions and outside of work meetings.

knowledge sharing

Incentivise people to write down their know-how
Have it all in one place
Make it available for everyone to use
Sort entries by their rating and usability
Have fun while doing so!
book notes and SOPsbook notes and SOPs
Ogamify ChallengesOgamify Challenges

Improve morale and team spirit

Bring growth and personal improvement to daily interactions
Reward concrete actions and results
See & empower those in your team that put effort into improving themselves
Create a truly supportive and highly performing environment
Realize yourself as a true leader


Start in less than 15 minutes


To delete

Talk about a certain book, work without distractions or bring ideas to the table? - it is entirely up to you what to make the platform about.

Work without distractions for an hour - 180 pts

Share notes from a chapter you read - 500 pts

Share their know-how in the form of SOPs?

App Overview


Create a gamespace for your team

30 days for free, no strings attached. 

Ready to go

No budget required by default

Try Demo


Send an invite link to your team members

Send an invite link to your team members so that they can join your newly created gamespace.

Fast & easy

Completely voluntary

People will want to join by themselves

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Integrate the gamespace with your team chat

Create a channel that automatically informs about the most interesting activity in the app, so that even those who don’t play at first can get their hands on the value. 

Customizable integration

Choose what shows up

Incredibly powerful

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Reap the results!

Enjoy your team being transformed with growth related interactions and gamification!

See the magic for yourself!

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Why the ultimate leadership tool?

The idea behind the app is to use game mechanics to improve performance & help people grow

Motivating areas

Ogamify brings this idea to life by motivating people to:

Read inspiring books

Write and share notes

Conduct physical activity

Work without distractions

Share their stories

Supported areas

The app brings this idea to life by motivating people to:

Additional perks

The truth is the app can support your team in many different areas...

Book Reader
Course Master
Study & Creator
Deep Worker
Book Reader
Languages Student
Office Caretaker
Audio Consumer
Book Reader

Some of the questions which should be answered at this point:

Is it necessary to have any kind of budget to run the game? 
No, the game is designed in such a way that it runs well without the store, which can be turned off. Obviously, rewards are fun and motivating in and out of themselves, so if one wants to boost the activity and give an additional push, the possibility of buying a book or two after a month of intense gameplay might be a boost, but it is not necessary. Your gamespace would be set up with the store being turned off, and you can turn it on anytime you like (or not do it at all).
Is the app ready to go?
Yes, the app is ready to go.
How much control do I have over the gamespace? 
You can change everything - tasks, challenges, rewards, leaderboards, it is all definable in the admin panel.
Do I have to come up with tasks and challenges for my team? 
No, they are all prepared for you and ready to go. You can change the if you want and customize the app for your needs, but it is not necessary.
In the article I saw diamonds, and I don't see them on the demo version. Why?
The demo version is set up for the monthly competitions + store config. The diamond leaderboards are in their beta version, and needs to be turned on in settings, which you can do once you create your own gamespace.
Ogamify Challenges dashboardOgamify Challenges dashboard

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