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4 Best Notion Templates for Gamified Your Goals


Gamification is a powerful technique that can help you stay motivated and engaged in achieving your goals. You can transform mundane tasks into exciting challenges by integrating game elements into your goal-setting process.

The notion, a versatile productivity tool, offers a range of templates that can help gamify your goals and make work more fun and rewarding. This blog post will explore four of the best Notion templates for gamifying your goals and provide tips on customizing them to suit your needs.

Examples of Gamification Templates

Personal Gamification by Make Work Fun Club

gamification project notion

The Personal Gamification template by Make Work Fun Club is designed to incorporate gamification into your everyday life to increase productivity and make work more enjoyable. It is part of the Gamify Your Life FREE template suite, created by Conrad Lin.

The template aims to provide a fun and engaging experience while helping you learn how to use Notion and set up your own gamification system. The template grows with you as you progress on your journey and adventure.

The template includes various sections and features, as described below:

  • System Navigation: This section provides links to different components of the template, including Tutorials, Dashboards, and Components.
  • Tutorials: This section offers guided adventures to help you learn about different components within the system and level up your skills. It provides instructional videos, actionable steps, additional readings, and pre-built views to help you populate your dashboards.
personal gamification template
  • Growth Sections: These sections offer different features and functionalities that can be unlocked with specific packages, such as Gamify Your Life (Enhanced) or L-CTRL. Each section describes the benefits of unlocking the features and provides links for further information.
  • Dashboards: This section explains the different dashboards available in the template and their use cases. It encourages you to explore each dashboard to find the best fit for your needs.
  • System Components: This section provides information about the various components included in the template, such as tutorials, synced blocks, original databases, and additional resources. It guides you on how to use these components effectively.

Overall, the Personal Gamification template aims to create a structured and engaging system that helps you gamify your life, increase productivity, and achieve your goals. It provides a range of resources and features to support your journey and make the process enjoyable.

Gamification Centre by Notion Everything

gamification project notion

The Gamification Centre template by Notion Everything is designed to gamify productivity and enhance motivation by making tasks and habits more enjoyable to complete. The template offers various features to help users stay on track and reward themselves for their accomplishments. Here is an overview of the template’s key components:

  • Customizability: The template is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs. You can add your tasks, daily habits, rewards, and achievements, making it suitable for anyone and any type of project or goal.
notion goals template
  • To-do List: This feature enables you to add tasks and mark them as completed to earn money. The template considers the effort required for each task and whether it was completed before or after the deadline. These factors influence the reward you receive for completing the task. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the criteria for rewarding tasks.
  • Daily Tasks: With this feature, you can enter your daily habits and check them off each day to earn money. This encourages consistency and helps you establish positive routines.
  • Shop: The Shop section allows you to add your desired rewards and set their cost. You can allocate the money you’ve earned from completing tasks and habits to purchase these rewards. The template also allows you to set a level requirement, meaning you can unlock certain rewards only after reaching a specific level.
gamification centre achievements
  • Achievements: The template includes an Achievements system to provide additional motivation and a sense of progression. By completing achievements, you earn XP (experience points) that contribute to leveling up. There are eight different types of achievements available, such as completing a certain number of tasks or buying a specific number of rewards. Once you define an achievement, it automatically tracks your progress and grants you XP upon completion.

Overall, the Gamification Centre template by Notion Everything combines task management, habit tracking, rewards, and achievements to create a gamified productivity system. By earning virtual coins, leveling up, and unlocking rewards, users can make their productivity journey more engaging and enjoyable.

Personal Gamification by OGamify

notion gamification

The Personal Gamification template by OGamify is designed to gamify personal tasks and activities, providing users with a sense of accomplishment, rewards, and motivation. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements and instructions mentioned in the provided information:

  • User Profile: The user profile serves as a personalization feature. Users can add their profile picture and enter their name.
  • XP (Experience Points): XP is awarded to users upon completing tasks. It serves as a measure of progress and accomplishment.
notion gamification template
  • Coins: Coins can be earned and accumulated by users. These coins can be exchanged for prizes in the store.
  • Level: Users can level up by earning 100 XP. Each level attained awards the user 100 coins.
  • Quick Links: This section provides some relevant links for further information or resources related to gamification and OGamify.
  • Calendar: The calendar allows users to schedule tasks and view them in a visual format. Tasks can be added and completed, earning XP based on the difficulty level.
  • Task List: The task list provides an overview of the user’s tasks. This section likely includes task details, such as task name, description, and due dates.
personal gamification task list

The template aims to make personal tasks and activities more engaging and rewarding by incorporating gamification elements such as XP, levels, and a store for users to spend their earned coins. The overall goal is to motivate users, track their progress, and provide a sense of achievement.

  • Store: The store is where users can spend their earned coins to purchase items. The more levels users achieve, the more coins they earn. To make a purchase, users click on an item and increment the “Purchased number” by 1, with the cost deducted automatically from their account.

The Gamification Project by Conrad Lin

notion gamification

The Gamification Project is a gamification template created by Conrad Lin. It is designed to motivate users to live their best life and inspire a global movement. The project aims to provide a customizable application that allows users to gamify their habits, goals, and achievements without constraints. It is available for free.

To get started with the free version of the template, new users need to sign up for a free Notion account using the provided link. Existing Notion users can duplicate the template by clicking the “duplicate” button. In case the button is not visible, users can visit the website to obtain the duplicatable link.

The template offers several features to enhance productivity and create a gamified experience:

  • Increased Productivity: The Gamification Project integrates gamification into everyday life to boost productivity.
  • Experience Points and Gold Rewards: Users earn experience points and gold rewards for successfully accomplishing milestones throughout their day. The earned gold can be spent to eliminate guilt during “unproductive” moments.
notion life goals template
  • Live Leaderboard: The template includes a live leaderboard that promotes friendly competition among friends, family, and the community.
  • Collaborative Project: The Gamification Project is a collaborative endeavour, inviting individuals interested in self-improvement and wishing to contribute to the project.
  • Co-x3 Family: Users can join the Co-x3 Family by visiting the provided link.
  • Templates: The template is part of a collection of templates available at
notion gamification template

Overall, the Gamification Project aims to provide a comprehensive and customizable gamification experience to help users stay motivated, improve productivity, and foster a sense of achievement.

How to Customize Notion Templates for Your Goals?

When customizing a Notion template for your goals, it’s essential to consider the unique aspects of your objectives and personalize the template accordingly. Here are a few additional tips to help you customize your gamification template effectively:

  • Identify Key Metrics: Determine the key metrics or milestones that indicate progress towards your goals. For example, if your goal is to read more books, you can track the number of pages read or the number of books completed. Incorporate these metrics into your template for easy monitoring.
  • Integrate Personal Rewards: Customize the rewards system in your gamification template to align with your preferences. Include incentives that motivate you, such as choosing a favourite meal or purchasing a small item you’ve been eyeing. Personalize the rewards to make them meaningful and exciting for you.
  • Create Meaningful Challenges: Gamification thrives on challenges that push you beyond your comfort zone. Design challenges within the template that encourage you to stretch your abilities and take on new experiences. Consider incorporating time-based challenges or goals that require specific actions to level up.
  • Reflect Your Personality: Make your gamification template reflect your unique personality and interests. Experiment with different colour schemes, icons, and images to create a visually appealing and engaging interface that resonates with you. The more personalized the template feels, the more likely you will enjoy using it and stay motivated.
  • Leverage Collaboration: If you enjoy working with others or want to involve friends or colleagues in your gamification journey, explore features that enable collaboration. Look for templates that integrate chat platforms or allow you to share progress with others, fostering a sense of competition and camaraderie.
  • Iterate and Improve: As you use the gamification template, regularly evaluate its effectiveness and adjust as needed. Assess whether the chosen game elements, such as the leaderboard or challenges, are genuinely motivating you or if there are other elements you’d like to incorporate. Continuously refine the template to optimize its impact on your goal achievement.

Incorporating gamification into your goal-setting process can revolutionize how you approach and achieve your objectives. By leveraging the power of Notion templates, you can transform your goals into exciting games that keep you engaged, motivated, and focused. Embrace the game psychology, explore different game genres, and tap into your intrinsic motivation to create a gamified experience that empowers you to level up in all areas of your life.


Gamification is a powerful strategy for enhancing motivation and achieving goals. Notion provides a variety of gamification templates that can transform your goal-setting experience into an exciting game. By utilizing templates such as Personal Gamification by Make Work Fun Club, Gamification Centre by Notion Everything, Personal Gamification by OGamify, and The Gamification Project by Conrad Lin, you can add elements like leaderboards, rewards, badges, and challenges to your goal-setting process. These templates make your goals more engaging and help you track your progress and celebrate your achievements.


Can I customize these Notion templates to fit my specific goals?

Yes, one of the advantages of Notion is its customization options. You can modify these templates to suit your specific goals, preferences, or visual style. Add or remove fields, adjust the scoring system, or change the design elements to create a personalized gamified experience.

Can I share these templates with others?

Notion allows you to share your templates with others, either by exporting them as templates or granting them access to your Notion workspace. Sharing these gamified templates can be a great way to engage and collaborate with others in pursuing shared goals or challenges.

Are these Notion templates compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Notion is available on both desktop and mobile devices. The templates mentioned in this article can be accessed and used on mobile devices, allowing you to gamify your goals on the go.

Can I integrate these templates with other Notion functionalities?

Absolutely. Notion offers a wide range of functionalities, such as databases, calendars, and reminders. You can integrate these gamified templates with other features to enhance your goal-setting and tracking process. For example, you can link tasks to specific dates on a calendar or set reminders for upcoming deadlines.


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